About Deborah Smith

Deborah Smith is the author of 35 novels in romance and women’s fiction, including the New York Times bestseller, A PLACE TO CALL HOME, and the Number 1 Kindle bestseller, THE CROSSROADS CAFÉ.    RT Magazine named A PLACE TO CALL HOME one of the Top 200 Romances of the 20th Century. In 2006, Library Journal  named THE CROSSROADS CAFÉ one of the top romances of the year. Since 2000, Deborah has been a partner in BelleBooks, a small publishing house that now includes the imprints Bell Bridge Books and Imajinn Books. As a writer, Deborah is currently working on novellas and short stories spun off from THE CROSSROADS CAFÉ. The newest story is THE  YARN SPINNER, January 2014. She lives in the mountains of north Georgia with her husband, six cats and two dogs; all rescues. (Not her husband.)

Deborah Smith now also writes as Della Stone. (sexy contemporary novellas.)                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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13 Responses to About Deborah Smith

  1. Terri Caffee says:

    Read and owned all the Loveswepts. Loved the series with Josh Long and Zach. Then read all (and got the library to order all) of your larger ones. Then after a Gentle Rain, I couldn’t find your stuff any more. I have worked in special ed for over 30 years, and LOVED Gentle Rain. But A Place to Call Home, Charming Grace, Crossroads Cafe, Sweet Hush, When Venus Fell….All are captivating novels that take up space inside your head and heart and stay with you. They’re the kind of stories that you can reread regularly and never grow tired.


  2. merry wall says:

    My favorite book is Blue Willow. I have lost my copy and wish it would be reissued.


  3. Bob Hollingsworth says:

    Do you have an update on The Kitchen Charmer?


    • Hey! Originally it was planned to be a novella approximately 40,000 words. Then the story decided it wanted to be longer. On top of which, readers kept saying they didn’t like the short stories and previous novellas re: the length. So TKC keeps expanding. At the same time, I can only work on it in bits and pieces on the side from my job at BelleBooks. So I’m not issuing any more estimates on the pub date. It’s scheduled for April and I’m hoping . . . thanks for your patience. The market for my books is awful, and I have to treat my writing as a hobby now, so they definitely live on the back burner. But they’re still cooking.


  4. For Miss Deborah Smith,
    I just finished On the Mountain, I just wanted to say it is a profound book that would make a person think about what can happen if you give up hope and not move forward with your own life. One quote that comes from Liza and Ursula taking is this quote: “if you only love someone after they’ve changed to suit your tastes, then what did you love about them to begin with” , that scenes to me that you have to understand and love what you can do and with what you have and strive to make it better and do the best in life that you can not dwell on what’s past and what’s forgotten but strive to remember what can be hopeful for the future always have kindness and everything else in your heart for one another and not ridicule somebody for small idiosyncrasies or problems that you find distasteful, always find the good in that person.

    I must confess when I started this book that I thought is going to be rather boring, but to me when I finished it, it has opened my eyes again too start a new chapter in my life, I’m a half century old, just turned 50 this past September. You have changed my perspective of my life and it will continue to my dying day, I thank you for this book and I thank you that the almighty spirits that guided you through the writing of this book, it has brought good meaning to my life, I especially the ending, you might want to think about writing a new book with Ursula, Quentin, Arthur, and Esme with the house, with their love, with their children, plus all of the community coming together, and how they continue to bring happiness to their little community of Tiberville, Georgia, up in the mountains I would really love to see a second novel in this to conclude the story, that’s what I see, although that’s up to you.

    I just wanted to say thank you for writing this book and I would look forward to seeing a new book I’m going back to bear mountain.

    William ‘Dayne’ Coleman


  5. Vickie says:

    You are the greatest !! One of my favorite authors. Blessings and write on 🙂


    • Thank you so much! I’m trying to write more — added up all the short storie and novellas since last spring and they form a good-sized book, LOL. Just in bits and pieces. Coming in July: 40-page THE APPLE PIE KNIGHTS, which leads into THE KITCHEN CHARMER novella this fall.


  6. Kim Bald says:

    Dear Ms. Smith
    I just finished The Pickle Queen and when my Kindle read 100% I kept pressing the “Go to the next page,” button. I have read many of your books and have loved them all. I am waiting, not so patiently for The Kitchen Charmer to see what is happening with the McBride clan and the other fascinating characters in Crossroads Cove. Thank you for your wonderful stories, magic in the real world.
    Kim Baldf


  7. GRACE VELEZ says:



    • Hey!
      There are two books: Alice at Heart and Diary of a Radical Mermaid. I keep hoping to write more about the merfolk, and I have an idea in mind, but for now I’m struggling to find time due to the day job — BelleBooks. There may be a merfolk short story in the works, though.


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