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Biscuit Love Review-Movie Poster Lines

As a writer, and now as a publisher, I love word-play, especially puns. At BelleBooks we spend a lot of time coming up with promotional copy for our books. What sounds like fun often turns into hard, brain-twisting brainstorming sessions. … Continue reading

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No Booty Bra For Me

It lifts. It separates. (I’m not kidding, that’s pretty much what the ad tells you.) It sucks sixty bucks out of your pocketbook. It compresses your internal organs and makes you miserable in hot weather (or any weather.) And it’s … Continue reading

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Micro-Story Challenge Part Deux

Joe Boy later realized, as an old man living in the safety of the underground caverns, that he should never have took that strange egg outta the marsh back in Ought Fourteen, nor let the hatchling imprint on his grandma, … Continue reading

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Write a short story in one sentence? Here goes . . .

Take the one-sentence “micro-story” challenge. (credit to CreateSpace’s blog for this idea). Write a beginning, middle and end, all in one sentence, and no cheating by making it reaaally long and convoluted. My entry is:“They met, they fell in love … Continue reading

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Biscuit Love Reviews by Deb Smith

Biscuit Love Reviews by Deb Smith If life can be measured in the goodness of biscuits and gravy (not a bad way to measure it) then GODZILLA, which Hubbie and I saw Saturday night, is a solid THREE out of … Continue reading

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