Me, Steve Martin, and the Iron Horse

University of Georgia Nostalgia–30 things that are gone with the goat
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I’m a UGA alum (School of Journalism,) so the article above brought back a lot of memories.

For one, I have Steve Martin’s autographed flyer circa 1976 from Athen’s The Last Resort comedy club. My pal, Helen Huff, and I got tickets to see him (probably five bucks each, at most, a lot for poor UGA college students) He was nationally known but still toured the clubs. The Last Resort was PACKED. He was great, complete with white linen suit, arrow-thru-the-head schtick, etc. Because there was a second show after ours,at the end of the first show he lured us out by playing Pied Piper. He came down from the stage and, doing jokes all the way, went out the front doors into the (then pretty sleepy) streets of nighttime Athens, Ga. Everyone followed him, of course. He led us on a merry, ad lib stroll down the street, improvising jokes about the buildings, the weather, the janitor peering at us from a window, anything. And signing autographs on the show flyers. On mine he wrote: “Thanks Deb, for you know what.” Almost 35 years later I still have that flyer framed and hanging on a wall in my house. And I’m still a huge fan of his. Related note about another item on the article’s list: The Iron Horse? horse_sTotal inspiration source for the Iron Bear in my On Bear Mountain novel.

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2 Responses to Me, Steve Martin, and the Iron Horse

  1. Chanpreet says:

    That’s so cool! I don’t think I’ve met any celebrities ever. I’ve seen the Mayor of Atlanta Kasim Reed and met Congressman John Lewis on separate occasions. I met a famous Punjabi singer once. I may still have his autograph somewhere.

    I’m usually too absentminded to notice famous people around me.


  2. Skye-writer says:

    I love Steve Martin and I’m jealous you got to meet him in person. I can just picture him doing the pied piper routine. Great guy.


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