New 1.99 Short Novella FOREVER YESTERDAY

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Katheriene Ballantree was the legendary author of Forever Yesterday, the other world-famous romantic Civil War novel set in Georgia. She died tragically young, under mysterious circumstances, among the sultry secrets of her coastal Savannah home, leaving behind an alcoholic husband and a young daughter to manage a fortune in literary rights.
Now, her granddaughter Meg stoically runs Katherine Ballantree Enterprises, wearing hoopskirts to public events and overseeing the flood of merchandise, cookbooks, and other management chores that keep a small empire of the Forever Yesterday tourism industry thriving. Meg dreams of adventure and even of writing her own books, but nothing exciting ever happens to her . . .
Until a public interview with a handsome mountain man who inherited one of her grandmother’s trunks reveals a shocking truth that changes the Ballantree fortunes – and Meg’s future, forever.
Part one of a three-part novel.

About Deborah Smith

Author, publisher, partner and V.P. of BelleBooks and Bell Bridge Books NYT bestseller A PLACE TO CALL HOME, Wall Street Journal and Kindle bestseller THE CROSSROADS CAFE, also When Venus Fell, Silk and Stone, Charming Grace, and many others.
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