I’m getting an eyepatch–and minions!

The response to my little blog post: “RWA Took My Money Then Told Me I Don’t Deserve To Exist” has been great! And by “Great!” I mean “Sunny with a Chance of Flaming, Frothing Spitballs.” Seriously, thanks to all the thoughtful posters, whether you agreed or disagreed. And to the others . . . well . . . don’t run with scissors, look both ways crossing the street, and I hope you don’t use that mouth to kiss your mama. I wasn’t going to publish some of the remarks, especially when the poster wouldn’t give a real name, then I shrugged and decided to let the sun shine down into that cave.

About Deborah Smith

Author, publisher, partner and V.P. of BelleBooks and Bell Bridge Books NYT bestseller A PLACE TO CALL HOME, Wall Street Journal and Kindle bestseller THE CROSSROADS CAFE, also When Venus Fell, Silk and Stone, Charming Grace, and many others.
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4 Responses to I’m getting an eyepatch–and minions!

  1. Skye-writer says:

    One of your commenters mentioned Women’s Fiction Writing Association. Any thoughts on this group? Pros and cons to membership?


  2. Skye-writer says:

    Good grief! The pollyanna in me is appalled by the vitriol in some of the comments you got. How many times I’ve been told that you have to have a thick skin in this industry, but this goes beyond that.


    • I removed “indieeverything” after discovering that her WordPress blog seems to exist only for posting notes about me, LOL. And also I couldn’t track down the name attached to the blog. But she’s not much worse than some of the “real” voices out there on the publishing forums. It’s wild.


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