Hachette-Amazon deal–more bad news for the rest of us?

David Streitfield at the New York Times reports: “Amazon and Hachette Resolve Dispute.”

More dominance for Amazon and the big publishers, less opportunity for everyone else?

So far as I can tell from what we know (only the basics) and what the insiders are guessing about, Hachette got what it wanted–control over pricing of its books and an acceptable contract in terms of how much more it will pay Amazon for various promotional services–and Amazon agreed to give Hachette’s books even more promotion. Very similar to Simon & Schuster’s (assumed) deal. If the other big publishers get similar deals (and I’m betting cash dollars they will) then look for Amazon to give much more feature space (and search engine priority) to Big 5 titles and Amazon’s own imprint titles, which already receive a lot of favored treatment. For small and medium presses, hybrid authors and self-published authors in the KDP program, will that further undercut what was once a relatively level playing field?

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