The Crossroads Cafe Series

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  1. jlfyffe says:

    I am not a writer because it is too damn hard to spend hours writing, revising, editing, re-writing, and corresponding with publishers. Plus, everyone thinks they can write, which is absurd of course. I am really grateful, however; that you are a writer! I enjoy your books so much. And I hope you are coming to the end of The Kitchen Charmer. I am interested to see how all the loose ends tie together. I am a fortunate woman in that I have an aunt who is a Delta-type person. Bu the way, I absolutely love the settings of your stories. The mountains are magical and mystical, aren’t they?

    Hope you are having a great spring.
    Jan Fyffe


    • Thank you so much. I swear The Kitchen Charmer is percolating along. I wish I could write fulltime, the way I used to. Don’t give up on me.l I promise it’s on track for this summer.


  2. embeccamom says:

    Hi! Any updates on The Kitchen Charmer? Love the whole series and can’t wait for this book. Happy Holidays!


  3. embeccamom says:

    Hi! Any updates on The Kitchen Charmer? I love the whole series and am anxiously awaiting this book. Happy Holidays!


  4. Jan Fyffe says:

    December 1 and no Kitchen Charmer….. any idea on pub date?


  5. Angela says:

    Dear Ms. Smith,

    I hate to rush genius, because I know you must be really busy, but do you have an idea for when the Kitchen Charmer will be out? Waiting with baited breath…

    Angela H.


  6. Thelinda says:

    I’ve got my Mom and sister hooked on this series; but when I looked just now for the release date of The Apple Pie Knights, I could find nothing; only found reference that The Kitchen Charmer would be out Fall 2014. We are addicted—need fix soon 🙂


    • Hey!
      I just got the schedule from the home office: The Apple Pie Knights will be out in September. And with any luck, The Kitchen Charmer in late October. Hurray! The hamsters that run my brain are running hard and fast and working overtime. Thanks for waiting and for your patience and for liking the series! Deb


  7. Candy says:

    Hurry. I keep looking for my next Deborah Smith fix. I’m hooked.


    • Thank you! I have finished another short story to fill the gap while I work on The Kitchen Charmer, which got delayed. THE APPLE PIE KNIGHTS leads up to the beginning of The Kitchen Charmer and ties into what happens next, so I hope readers will like it. I expect it to be published in July. More news soon.


  8. Janet Lee Fyffe says:

    When is The Kitchen Charmer coming out? Oh my Lord people are going to be saying “bless her heart” about me soon. I am becoming obsessed. I’ve re-read the other Crossroads books twice–even When Venus Fell. And I am looking for more of Roan and Claire. I know it’s not fair to push and pressure a writer because God knows I don’t have the patience or the discipline to do what authors do, but I am running out of good books to read. Help!


    • Hey Janet!

      I hear you! Swamped by the day job, working all the knobs on the steam engine . . . I’m right-now putting together a lolly pop for my thank-you to everyone for waiting. It’s called The Apple Pie Knights, and it’s a short story that leads directly into the Kitchen Charmer, setting up a key plot for the story. I think it will be published by July. Fingers and toes and nose hairs are all crossed. Oh god if only I wrote full time again . . .


      • Jan Fyffe says:

        Thank you for your reply. You know, I wish the Crossroads Cafe locales were real–I think I would fit in well in that community. I’ve told you before, but I enjoy and appreciate your books so much!!! Thanks for sharing your gift and imagination with us.



      • Thank you. I wish they were real, too. I think a lot of writers and readers love books because we can escape into the worlds we wish existed.


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